Anthony U.



Honest and reliable automotive repair. Lew is very knowledgeable on what's wrong with your car and tell you exactly what parts are needed for repairs. I take all my families car there.

Mike O.



I've been going here for more than 30 years. Lew is very honest, doesn't fix things that don't need fixing. I'd recommend this shop to anyone.

Terri S.



I have been bringing my cars to Lew's for a number of years now. He is honest and fair. Doesn't gouge me. Always gets me back on the road again for a decent price. Will keep coming back.

H S.



Excellent service, good prices and high quality work! I have taken my cars to the shop for various repairs and every time they have done an excellent job! Small family owned business and they truly care about their customers and take the time to do the job right!

Diane P.



Was very worried: my brakes were making a horrid scraping noise. Had visions of needing the rotor replaced. Turns out all I needed was new front brake pads, which were at ZERO percent. Like.... "no longer existing." That horrible scraping sound was the brakes grinding against the rotor (which did NOT need to be replaced). WHEW! Feel like I dodged a bullet. And thank you, Lew, for being so honest: he could have told me I needed a new rotor and I easily would have believed him. There ARE honest car mechanics out there! Also they did an oil change for my Toyotoa Matrix for only $20 and patched my tire (it had a nail in it) for only $15. Cannot recommend Lew's Brakes Shop in Benicia highly enough

Mary E.



Great service and very honest. Offers lower prices than the marked up chain stores.

Lynsie C.



Pretty sure I finally found THE ONE. I've lived in Vallejo my whole life and have never been able to find a mechanic that doesn't charge you $100 just to look at it, that you can trust. My car started smoking in the Starbucks parking lot so I got it over to Lew right around the corner. Luckily it was just a hose that needed to be replaced. Couple hours and I was walking out the door. Thanks Lew! I will be back!

Chris L.



Ok, check engine light popped on the other day. I gave Lew a call and he says "What day and time can you bring it in"? Set the appointment for the next day 8am. Lew was there on time and he took the vehicle. 12:30 Lew calls and says "Hey your vehicle is fixed and ready". Went by and paid bill and met his beautiful wife. I highly suggest if your vehicle needs service give Lew a chance before dealer. Thanks again Mr. and Mrs. Lew for your great service.

Joanna D.



Lewis is the best! Honest, way knowledgeable. I truly trust these folks to not try to take advantage you. If they don't feel its worth fixing, they're gonna tell you. When you find mechanics like this, you hold on to them for life.

Kelley C.



Lew's Brake Shop has become the go-to spot for not only myself, but my family as well -- everything from timing belts, to wheel alignments, to wheel spacers, to break pad replacements. Not only are the personnel at Lew's polite, courteous, and efficient in their work, but not once have I ever felt "screwed over" in terms of pricing. Every time I've brought a quote in, Lew would laugh and tell me what the ACTUAL issue is and how much it should ACTUALLY cost. That's the type of honesty I truly value, which is why he has my loyalty as customer moving forward. Before you pay excessive amounts for subpar work at other questionable shops, come check Lew's Brake Shop first, you will be glad you did!